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Are you a homeowner looking for the perfect way to upgrade a bathroom fan in your home while still heating your rooms during chilly seasons? Well, this post will review one of the best ceiling mount fans to consider. Designed with a combination of a fan, a warming heater, and dedicated night lights, this bathroom fan offers the perfect way of heating your room during cold seasons, the Panasonic FV-11VHL2 fan is a good choice.

Panasonic FV-11VHL2 WhisperWarm 110 CFMCeiling Fan heater uses a sirocco driven by a capacitor motor

Apart from just heating your room, this unit has the capacity to ventilate your entire house by eliminating all bad odors. For optimal heat transfer, the heating element features chrome wire reinforced with magnesium oxide. The nightlights consist of one 4-watts bulbs while the normal lighting consists of two 18-watt compact fluorescent bulbs.

The Whisper Warm fan is powered by a 1400W motor that spins a wide blower wheel. The reason why the manufacturer opted to use a large wheel is due to its ability to move a larger amount of air at a reduced RPM. This fan is durable and is made from high-quality components that withstand the test of time.


Is Silent You Might Not Know it’s On

The WhisperWarm air fans include a completely encased condenser electric motor as well as a double-tapered, dolphin formed bladed blower wheel to silently relocate air. A tiny wheel transforming really quickly will certainly develop even more sound than a huge wheel transforming a lot more gradually for an offered air movement. This fan makes use of a vast blower wheel that relocates a huge quantity of air at lowered RPMs, so it is peaceful sufficient that you could not also understand it’s on.

It Gives Continuous, Trouble-free Operation for Many Years

The Panasonic FV-11VHL2 WhisperWarm Lite 110CFM Fan is developed to provide you constant, hassle-free procedure for several years many thanks partly to its top quality elements and also completely lubed electric motors which use at a slower rate. Given that warmth is constantly damaging to electric motor life (the cooler the atmosphere, the longer the electric motor will certainly last), we created the electric setup of this version’s condenser electric motor to enable it to run at reduced temperature levels, boosting the life of the electric motor as well as bearings. As well as, the fan real estate is constructed from heavy-gauge zinc galvanized steel as well as repainted to secure it from corrosion.

Sick Of Cold Air, Coming Through Your Ventilation?

This Panasonic fan has an integrated damper to avoid backdraft, which aids to stop outdoors air from coming with the fan. Many thanks to our effective, great running electric motors as well as fluorescent light bulbs, it does not develop too much heat-a typical issue with recessed lights components as well as some rivals’ fan/light mixes.

The Features For The Panasonic FV-11VHL2 WhisperWarm Fan

The Panasonic FV-11VHL2 Wiring Diagram

1. High-Quality Heating Element

The Panasonic WhisperWarm Fan is designed with a high-quality heating element that involves chrome wires reinforced with magnesium oxide for efficient heattransfer throughout a room. The chrome wires alongside the magnesium oxide are also ideal as they offer electrical insulation in case of high temperatures.

2. Efficient Lighting

Something else we can’t miss to point out regarding the Panasonic WhisperWarm fan is the inclusion of efficient lighting into the system. Having added two 18 watts compact fluorescent lamps alongside a 4 watts nightlight, users will have nothing to complain about as they find their way through the room at night.


The Panasonic WhisperWarm fan has a superb combination of heat and fan features, making it highly usable in almost every home.

The wide blower wheel provides ample airflow throughout a room with reduced RPM.

The inclusion of two 18 watts bulbs allows users to save more on lighting.

  • This fan is compact and easy to install.
  • The heating element offers sufficient heat transfer for those people living in cold areas.


  • Although the Warm feature is silent, the ventilation fan is quite loud and a nuisance.
  • Some customers have complained about the heating feature stating that it takes too long to warm a room.


Having reviewed the Panasonic FV-11VHL2 WhisperWarm Fan, I would like to mention that this unit is among the best you’ll come across in the market. Designed with a superb combination of Fan and Warmer, this unit is able to freshen up your rooms with sufficient airflow and warmth depending on your choice. Although some customers have complained about the loud motor, I think this con is not enough to outweigh the many benefits offered by this fan.


Although the Panasonic FV-11VHL2 WhisperWarm Fan is one of the best air conditioners you can think of, most customers have raised concerns over the loud motor forcing us to add two alternative units for easy comparison.

Panasonic FV 15VQ5 Whisperceiling
Installation manual: for the FV-05VQ5 and FV-08VQ5 | FV-11VQ5 | FV-15VQ5

Panasonic FV-08VQL6 Ventilation Fan/Light Combination 80 CFM

The first ventilation unit we compared was the Panasonic FV-08VQL6 Ventilation Fan/Light Combination. Time tested and highly approved by most customers, this unit is energy efficient, powerful and long-lasting meaning you don’t have to spend much on the small items. Designed with a totally enclosed motor, this fan is relatively silent when operating. The double tapered blower wheel provides sufficient airflow with less noise while the two 13 watts self-ballasted bulbs provide ample light at a reduced cost. Available at a lightweight of just 13 pounds, the Panasonic FV-08VQL6 Ventilation Fan is among the best units to consider for all your ventilation requirements.

Panasonic FV-08VQL6 Ventilation

Trailing second, we reviewed the Panasonic FV-08VQL6 Ventilation Fan/Light Combination. Another high-quality ventilation unit, the Panasonic FV-08QL6 has also received positive criticism from most online customers thanks to its heavy duty construction and power saving features. Designed with a totally enclosed motor, this unit is able to operate at a low rpm making it the best for indoor use. The two 13 watts self-ballasted bulbs provide ample lighting while the overall weight makes it easier to install this unit in the ceiling area. Available in the market at a budget price, this three in one ventilation system is the best choice for those customers looking for a mix of style and performance.

  1. Define the hole. You require to choose an area for your ceiling follower to go. Mark it very carefully and remember that if you are going to install it into the ceiling, you will need to examine the roof covering dental caries for a space in your joists. See to it that you prevent any kind of electric wires. Clear insulation off the beaten track initially. Mark a circle to ensure that you understand where to reduce.
  2. Cut the opening. You need to make sure that you lay down sheets to safeguard your furnishings as well as floorings before you begin. Make a pilot opening with a drill and afterwards use a saw to cut out the opening.
  3. Mount the fan. Location the follower in the hole that you have actually eliminated and also guaranteed that you keep the power cord over the motor so that your electrical expert can reach it conveniently. Tighten up the screws whilst you are holding the fan so that the screws can hold the plasterboard. As soon as you’ve done this, you need to push the cover over the fan.

Final Wrap Up

Having reviewed all the ventilation unit in this post, I will conclude my review by naming the Panasonic FV-11VHL2 WhisperWarm fan as the first overall pick. Having received credible ratings in most online stores, the Panasonic WhisperWarm fan has managed to combine its heating, ventilation and lighting features into one small package. The heating element is designed with chrome wire and magnesium oxide for efficiency while the overall stainless steel construction not only beautifies the casing, but it also offers longevity to the fan. This ventilation system is easy to install, lightweight, and the perfect choice for all customers looking for quality.

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