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CES 2018 - Smart home with Mario Armstrong


CES 2018 recently unveiled the latest consumer technology and innovations in Las Vegas....and Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong partnered with some of the cool, connected products heading straight to our homes.  Check out BestofCES.com for more on these cool gadgets and for more CES 2018 coverage.

LG SmartThinQ™ makes it simple to manage your LG appliances from a single app (for Android or iOS) or voice controls using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.  With these smart appliances, you can preheat your oven while stuck in traffic to make dinner prep faster, tell the refrigerator to make more ice and start your robotic vacuum — you can even receive a reminder if left your refrigerator open or your clothes in the washer.

EZVIZ ezGuard. The ezGuard is an Outdoor/indoor all-in-one home security system that combines Full HD professional grade camera, smart siren, strobe light and onboard recording capability in one compact package. It has a proactive protection function that includes a 100dB siren and strobe light to alert the intruder that they’ve been spotted. ezGuard’s motion detection alerts your phone with a live video feed of the action so you know what’s going on outside as soon as it happens.

The Polk Audio Command Bar is the first announced voice-controlled sound bar with the convenience of Amazon Alexa built directly into a superior home theater solution which produces loud, rich audio ideal for movies, music and wireless music streaming. It boasts integrated far-field microphones atop the sound bar to easily control master volume, mute, bass, sound modes, and source selection with voice commands and features dedicated HDMI port designed to fit the Amazon Fire TV Stick and other HDMI streaming devices with wider form factors. Available in the spring of 2018, the Polk Command Bar will retail for $299.95.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection allows users to take a proactive approach to protecting their identities with personal monitoring, financial monitoring and recovery tools needed to keep identities personal and secured.  Available for purchase in the first quarter of 2018. Key features include: Cyber Monitoring, which scans the online black market and the Dark Web and alerts users when their personal information is at risk; Social Security Number Trace, which delivers reports of known aliases and addresses tied to a users’ Social Security Number so they can review for potentially fake identities; Credit Monitoring, which sends reports based on lending and credit history, and alerts users to changes to their creditworthiness; and 24/7 Dedicated Agent Support, which allows users access to agents who can answer questions and provide guidance on topics from using credit responsibly to handling identity theft.

Kohler’s Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror is the first-to-market bathroom mirror that has Amazon Alexa embedded into the product. The built-in technology and seamless construction make Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror a highly functional and thoughtfully designed centerpiece of the smart bathroom of the future. Integrating the Amazon Alexa into the mirror helps to reduce countertop clutter in the bathroom space, essentially hiding the technology and creating a seamless aesthetic. With the ability to pair other Kohler products that utilize KOHLER Konnect directly to the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror, users can streamline voice capabilities within the bathroom space. Verdera design features also include a dual-microphone solution to enhance the accuracy of voice-control, speakers housed in hermetically sealed casings to maximize stereo sound quality, a motion-activated wayfinding nightlight for safety and convenience, and highly efficient LED lights for makeup application, grooming and skin care. In addition to controlling products with KOHLER Konnect and its related personalized experiences, Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror with Amazon Alexa can activate 20,000+ Alexa skills.  Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror improves the comfort and functionality of time spent in the bathroom by enabling it to be hands-free, seamless, and more convenient, while also communicating with other connected products in your Wi-Fi network.  It’s available for purchase at the end of March 2018.

Check out BestofCES.com for more CES 2018 coverage.

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