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Tumon manager talks about drunk sailor ransacking his store

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New video is released of a USS Roosevelt sailor ransacking a hotel store in Tumon during their recent visit. KUAM News spoke exclusively with the store manager about the chaotic night.

This video gives us a closer look at a Navy sailor, apparently drunk, destroying the Soho Avenue store in the Nikko Hotel early Friday. A security video was given to KUAM, showing 24 year old Jacob Tyler Lawson in the act.

Company Vice President Chris Huang says the incident is unsettling, saying, "My employee was actually crying and really scared and I was at first just trying to calm her down and make sure she was ok and staying in a place that's safe."

His employee no doubt left in fear and still too shaken to publicly speak.  Management say the incident happened during their calmer hours, the graveyard shift, when that sailor walked inside. And that's when the chaos occurred.

"All of a sudden he just started going through the whole store and destroying all the products and shelves," said Huang.

As we reported, Lawson was arrested after brief struggle with police. He is charged with criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness. When asked his reaction, he replied, "I was surprised how in the short amount of time all the damages he was able to go through."

He's since been released.

Workers have spent the past few days, even during their off time, picking up the pieces, with HUang saying, "It was all a mess." The 24-hour store was forced to keep its doors closed until late Monday...

"We don't want the guest to see how messy the store is," he said. "Of course, I was shocked with all the damages but I was more so trying o make sure my employee was ok."

Huang says they are still assessing the damage, but estimates the loss to be in the thousands of dollars. "Just took us all by a big surprise," he said. A big surprise but "they are now working to get back to business as usual."

Military officials have said they are working with Guam Police on the case, adding that this one sailor does not represent the others who came to the territory.

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