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Terlaje bill clarifies definition of "family violence"

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Family violence laws could be up for discussion soon now that Vice Speaker Therese Terlaje introduced a pair of measures addressing it.

The first, Bill 175 hopes to amend laws, clearly defining the meaning of "family violence." This after a recent Supreme Court decision stated the law was too vague making family violence cases harder to enforce and to prosecute.

Terlaje says the proposal will give the statute more concrete guidance for prohibitions.

Another measure, Bill 177 would use the courts new and incoming electronic monitoring system in family violence cases, and reinforce protective orders for victims.

"In family cases often time we get protective orders but sometimes we describe those protective orders sometimes the lawyers describe those protective orders..as pieces of paper...they're not going to stop bullets...and unfortunately, very, very tragically, we have many cases on Guam where that is exactly what has happened. They've come to the court, they've come to law enforcement and they've sought protection but we were not able to protect them enough," she described.

Terlaje says she wants victims to feel they can trust the system and not live in fear of reporting their perpetrators.

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