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'Justice League' reshoots rumored to change cliffhanger ending

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We were originally going to get a Justice League Part One and Justice League Part Two when Warner Bros. first announced their DC Films slate. But it seemed that the negative responses to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice changed the studio’s mind about what to do with Justice League. When director Zack Snyder was still on the project, they decided not to shoot the films back-to-back, but Snyder still wanted to have a cliffhanger in the end of the film.

Since Snyder has stepped away and Avengers director Joss Whedon has stepped up to finish filming, there has been talk about the film possibly getting a lighter touch. The film is currently going through reshoots, much like any major blockbuster would. Peter Sciretta from the /Film Daily podcast apparently learned some info on what the reshoots entail. On the most recent podcast episode, Sciretta spilled what may be spoilers for the film’s original ending and what the reshoots plan to do.

Read ahead at your own discretion.

The original ending for Justice League saw Darkseid finally arriving to Earth, thus setting him up as the main villain for the next film. That was the original cliffhanger, though Sciretta says that is going to be changed during reshoots.

“It was kind of like this down, dirty ending and from what I understand that has been completely removed,” Sciretta said on the podcast. “The ending ends the movie like a movie and it doesn’t leave a cliffhanger now. They did a reshoot with Robin Wright from Wonder Woman and that’s gonna be a flashback explaining who Steppenwolf is and he’s now the big bad of this movie whereas Darkseid was this looming threat who won’t come.”

The reshoots for the film are also reportedly going to make the film less dark in tone. Actor Joe Morton, who plays Cyborg’s father Dr. Silas Stone, spoke with IGN and made it clear that Cyborg/Vic Stone is being written to be a much lighter character and not as brooding as he previously was. We also don’t know what changes these reshoots will make with Superman’s character and his supposed role in the film. But we’ll all find out in November later on this year when the film is released.

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