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Adjusting your thermostat might improve your thinking

You think best when the air temperature is at a level that makes you feel the most comfortable, new research suggests. More>>

Can an app save the planet?

This startup's Earth Day launch has a massive goal: Cut carbon emissions globally. It has its work cut out for it.

Spring cleaning safety tips

© iStockphoto.com / Jason Reekie © iStockphoto.com / Jason Reekie

While doing their spring cleaning, families will use a wide range of products that can cause accidental poisonings, an expert says. More>>

Five ways to teach your kids the value of a dollar

Financial literacy is one of the most important subjects for a child to learn and carry with them into adulthood, and yet, it is one of the least taught subjects.  More>>

Campfire precautions can protect kids from burns

Campfires are exciting for kids but they also can be dangerous without supervision and simple precautions, an expert warns. More>>

Crankier babies may get more TV time

Fussy and demanding babies are likely to spend slightly more time plopped in front of a TV or computer screen when they're toddlers than are "easier" babies, new research finds. More>>

Embrace procrastination, and thrive on it

 Whether you’re working a desk job from 9 to 5, returning to college to get a degree or painting for a living, procrastination can deliver gold to you. More>>

Does housework count as exercise?

Most household chores can count toward your physical activity quota, but to really stay fit, you need to make sure you're getting your heart rate up. More>>

Kids' concussions defined by where they live

City kids are more likely to suffer concussions playing sports while children in rural areas tend to sustain these head injuries while using dirt bikes and other motorized vehicles, a new Canadian study finds. More>>

Having kids walk to school comes with risks, benefits

Many parents are understandably worried about letting their kids walk or bike to school. More>>

Teens' screen time may affect their bone health

Spending too much time sitting in front of screens may be linked to poorer bone health in teens, according to a new study from Norway. More>>

The best flowers to plant in spring

Spring is a favorite time of year for many people. The weather is warming up after the cold winter, trees are beginning to bud and spring plants are blooming with vibrant flowers. More>>

Dress up your house with wainscoting

Ever walked into a home and felt like it's just a little more classy than your average house? Chances are that sleek interior look was helped along by crown molding, or wainscoting. More>>

Nearly three-quarters of U.S. seniors have living wills

A record number of elderly Americans have living wills that explain their wishes for end-of-life medical care or appoint a surrogate medical decision maker, a new study finds. More>>

For greater happiness, spend your money on 'life experiences'

Buying so-called "life experiences" makes Americans happier than material goods such as cars, but they tend to favor the latter in the mistaken belief that they provide better value, according to a new study. More>>

Tax-smart ways to help your kids/grandkids pay for college

Many people say that a home is the largest single investment you'll ever make, but consider this: The national median existing-home price was $199,500 in October of this year. That's less than the estimated $210,388 it will cost to send your two-year-old to an in-state, public college for four years.

Parental messages that stress no alcohol do get through

Making it clear to your teen that underage drinking is unacceptable is a highly effective way to reduce the risk that he or she will use alcohol, a new survey shows. More>>

6 nifty ways to organize your laundry room

Is it time for a laundry room overhaul? To become an organization pro, here is some advice that works like magic. More>>

Seamless hardwood floor repairs

Old hardwood floors are enchanting. While they're easy to admire, they can be tricky to restore and repair for the very reasons that make them so desirable. More>>

Toddlers who sleep less may eat more

Toddlers who get too little sleep tend to eat more and are at increased risk for obesity, a new study indicates. More>>

Spanking triggers vicious cycle

Parents who spank unruly children may not know it, but they are participating in a vicious cycle that will lead to both more spankings and more misbehavior in coming years, a new study suggests. More>>

Banish fruit flies, naturally!

No one wants to see a little cloud of insects hovering around the kitchen, darting in and out of the garbage, or making merry in the compost. Yet, even in a clean house, fruit flies can start to multiply in the warmer months. More>>

College women: Have a healthy spring break

Spring break offers college women -- and men -- a welcome respite from the pressures of school, but they need to make sure they protect their health while having fun. More>>

How you parent is partly genetic

Genes may play a major role in parenting styles, according to a new study. More>>

Gardeners, start your seedlings

Spring is springing, and it's finally time to start your seedlings for your garden. More>>

ADHD drugs linked to later weight gain in kids

Children diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) tend to gain more weight than their peers as they enter their teen years, a new study finds. More>>

Mental illness to blame for 10 percent of kids' hospitalizations

Nearly 10 percent of children hospitalized in America are there because of a mental health problem, a new study finds. More>>

Do you have a case of the motherhood blues?

Motherhood is supposed to be a joy-filled journey -- or so the ads and Facebook memes tell us. So why does it seem as though our days are largely about nagging, supervising homework, changing diapers and shuttling kids to and from their activities? More>>

How to store food right

Before you set up a food storage system, plan ahead to anticipate basic safety needs. More>>

Taking pride in the nursery

Think ahead and design a room that will evolve with your baby as she grows. More>>

Preschoolers beat college kids at figuring out gadgets

When faced with a strange, new gizmo, preschoolers figured out how it worked more quickly than college students did, a new study shows. More>>

For young couples, violence can harm both sides

Teens and young adults involved in relationship violence are more likely to suffer depression, a new study indicates. More>>

Rising e-cigarette use tied to more smoking in teens

Teens who have tried electronic cigarettes may be more likely to smoke regular cigarettes, according to the authors of a new study. More>>

September peak month for kids' asthma flares

Many parents know that allergies are seasonal, but fewer may realize that the same is true of asthma: A new study suggests the riskiest time for children with asthma is September, as they head back to school. More>>

Kids who repeat a grade can become discipline problems

Students who have to repeat a grade can cause discipline problems among their classmates, a new study indicates. More>>

When smartphone is near, parenting may falter

Mealtime is supposed to be family time, but a new study suggests that ever-present smartphones are impeding parent-child communication at the table. More>>

13 unusual recyclables

Can I recycle this? It's a question that comes up often around the house. More>>

Shared family activities may boost preschoolers' emotional health

Taking part in family activities on a regular basis benefits the social and emotional health of young children, a new study finds. More>>

Despite media companies' claims, your baby can't learn to read

Read to your baby, sing and play games. But don't waste money on programs that claim to teach infants to read, a new study suggests. More>>

Does your child's car seat weigh too much for LATCH?

Car seats are heavier than ever--and some parents aren't including that weight when they fit their kids and car seats to LATCH systems. More>>

Treatment costs vary for U.S. children born with heart defects

The cost of treatment for children born with heart defects varies widely across the United States, according to new research. And higher costs may not mean better care. More>>

Food allergies have nearly doubled among black children

Over the past two decades, reports of food allergies have nearly doubled among black children, a new study reveals. More>>

Schools add more fruits, veggies to the '3 Rs'

Under new U.S. guidelines on school lunches, low-income students are eating more fruits and vegetables, according to a new study. More>>

Your spring pruning guide

Are you scared of pruning? Lots of gardeners who are picking up the shears for the first time are definitely worried about making a mistake that will damage or even kill their plants. More>>

Deicing the safe way

With a cold, snowy winter lingering in many parts of the United States, many of you may be struggling with a perennial winter problem: an icy front walk.

Kids' body image shaped by parents

Parents play a crucial role in helping children develop a positive body image and healthy eating habits, an expert says. More>>

The progression of a house fire

A few simple measures can radically reduce the risk of fires in the home. More>>

Growing a bee-friendly garden

Getting ready to pick up plants from the nursery this spring? Worried about bee deaths? You'd better think twice about the source of your plants. More>>

Students' health habits tied to school success

Eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and being physically fit are important for students' success in school, a new study suggests. More>>

Frequent school moves may harm kids' mental health

Preteens who changed schools frequently when they were children are at increased risk of developing psychotic symptoms, a new study suggests. More>>

Dreaming of a new kitchen?

Thinking about remodeling the kitchen? Before you pick up the phone to call a contractor about the kitchen of your dreams, you have some things to think about.

Mother's voice on special pacifier helps preemies learn to eat

Premature babies often struggle to learn to eat. Now, a special pacifier that plays prerecorded songs seems to help speed the process along, researchers say. More>>

7 unexpected uses for honey

Honey sure is great stuff. Bees may make it to provide nutrition to members of the hive, but we've been liberally "borrowing" it for centuries. More>>

Old wood stoves a costly way to keep warm

Although many people use indoor and outdoor wood heaters to save money on fuel costs, burning wood to stay warm during the cold winter months might not be cost-efficient, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. More>>

Who's the greenest floor of all?

Your choice of flooring isn't just an aesthetic decision, it's also an environmental one. More>>

Infants at highest risk for childhood burns

One-year-old infants are 10 times more likely to suffer burns and scalds than older children, and the main causes of these injuries are hot drinks and hair irons, a new British study finds. More>>

Study ties home births to higher infant death rates

The number of pregnant women who elect to deliver their baby at home is increasing, but home delivery can lead to problems, researchers say. More>>

Are you addicted to being too busy?

These days, having a crammed work, kids and activities schedule has almost become a status symbol. But being super-busy isn’t always a sign of a fulfilling life More>>

College students should get a flu shot

It's the peak of flu season, and not being vaccinated can be risky for college students, a doctor warns. More>>

'Sensitive' older sibling may help boost preschoolers' language skills

Preschoolers from big families tended to score a bit lower on one vocabulary test. However, in cases where those kids had a sensitive big brother or sister, the vocabulary disadvantage disappeared. More>>

First trimester appears crucial for baby's heart health

Children who were small during the early stages of fetal development may be at increased risk for heart problems, a new study indicates. More>>

Keep lice off your child's head

It's that time of year when your children are back in school -- and you need to be on the lookout for head lice, an expert says. More>>

Five big myths about green cars and gas mileage, debunked

In the interests of helping you actually save money by using less gasoline, here are five favorite myths about green vehicles. More>>

5 naturally soothing scents

While we can’t always crawl into bed at any given hour in the day, we can surround ourselves with calming aromas at anytime. Here are five scents that have been proven to naturally soothe.

11 cool uses for jars

We all know that mason jars are super hip in home decor right now, but what about jars in general?

Shopping carts can pose big danger to little kids

Be careful when you plunk your youngster into a shopping cart on your next trip to the grocery store. More>>

Could turning down the thermostat help you lose weight?

Could your warm and cozy home be hindering your weight-loss efforts? More>>

10 tips to go green in the laundry room

The EPA estimates that if Americans went green in the laundry room, they'd save three trillion gallons of water annually, along with over $18 billion per year.

Why parents mix up their kids' names

Parents are more likely to confuse their children's names when they sound alike, a new study reveals. More>>

Genes may be to blame for hard-to-handle toddlers

DNA might be a key factor in excessive physical aggression in toddlers, a new Canadian study suggests. More>>

Gardening for dummies

First things first: you don't need to be a green thumb to grow a garden More>>

Your guide to keeping kids healthy

Your kids may come home from school this winter with something more worrisome than homework -- sniffles, tummy bugs and even (ick!) lice. More>>

Stocking epinephrine in schools might save lives

As a pediatrician at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Sarah Denny has seen her share of the life-threatening reactions that can happen with food allergies. More>>

Formal Valentine's Day decoration ideas for the dining room

Whether it will be a romantic meal for two, or a festive holiday banquet for a large group, Valentine's Day décor will enhance your dining room's holiday atmosphere. More>>

When a common cold becomes more dangerous for kids

Frequent colds are a normal part of young children's lives, but sometimes a stuffy nose becomes a more severe lung infection. Now, a new study clarifies some of the factors that put certain kids at greater risk. More>>

Ways you can beat household odors

A busy home with sealed-up windows can lead to stale, unpleasant odors. And the last thing that any host wants to hear is, "What's that smell?" More>>

Get your kids cooking with you

Is your dinner table a battlefield? You aren't alone. But your child isn't doomed to a diet of white bread and chicken nuggets -- there's hope. Kids are more likely to try foods that they had a hand in cooking.

Books reflect the economic tone of their times

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times," Dickens wrote in 1859. More>>

Weight fluctuations: Why does the scale say that?

Most women play some version of the scale game whenever they weigh themselves, but the truth is there are at least eight reasons why the numbers can fluctuate so much. More>>

Winter chores made easier - and safer

Cold weather sure does make household tasks pile up. Before you tackle your to-do list, chill out with these tips from injury-prevention experts. More>>

Fido really can recognize your face

Dogs can recognize the faces of familiar people and canine pals, a new study finds. More>>

5 inspiring new year's resolutions you can keep

If the new year’s resolutions you’ve made already sound unrealistic, here are some new ones that you’ll actually be inspired to keep. More>>

How can you recycle your Christmas tree?

Before you settle for a Christmas tree collection service, consider one of these ways to repurpose and recycle your tree. More>>

Keep a germ-free home for the holidays

The holidays are all about opening your doors and welcoming friends and family. But along with hostess gifts, your guests may also bring sniffle-causing viruses and colds.

1 in 6 fathers doesn't live with his kids

Almost one in six fathers doesn't live with his children, according to new research that looked at how involved dads are in their children's lives. More>>

Snow-shoveling health tips as winter looms

Shoveling snow can increase your risk of heart attack, and you should take precautions to protect yourself, an expert says. More>>

Gov't wants tighter rules on antibacterial soaps, body washes

The Food and Drug Administration said Monday that it wants makers of antibacterial hand soaps and body washes to prove their products are safe for long-term daily use and more effective than regular soaps. More>>

Start your own Christmas morning traditions

Here are seven holiday activities to slow down and make the morning more magical and memorable for both you and your children.

Avid cellphone use by college kids tied to anxiety, lower grades

Ever feel a little addicted to your cellphone? More>>

Rise in U.S. high chair injuries stuns experts

Young children are falling out of high chairs at alarming rates, according to a new safety study that found high chair accidents increased 22 percent between 2003 and 2010. More>>

How to decorate your home like a winter wonderland

Creating a white winter wonderland in your home to celebrate the holiday season can add a sparkle to this festive time of year. More>>

Get your kitchen holiday party-ready

The most important prep step? Plan ahead.

Prevent home heating from becoming a safety hazard

Following home-heating safety measures will help keep you and your family safe this winter, experts say. More>>

Streamline your holiday schedule

When it comes to staying organized over the holidays, being realistic instead of holding yourself to some fictional standard goes a long way toward staying sane during December. More>>

Etiquette tips for surviving social awkwardness

Whether you’re attending a holiday party, wedding, business event or other celebration, you can sometimes find yourself in an awkward situation and wishing Miss Manners were by your side. More>>

Thanksgiving craft ideas for keeping kids busy

Sure, some tots will play a board game quietly in the corner, but if you’ve got a crew with a bit more energy, read on for Thanksgiving craft ideas to keep them occupied this holiday season.

Protecting your plants from frost

With November rapidly galloping towards a close, the nights are starting to get very, very chilly in many corners of the US. In some regions, frost is already on the ground. More>>

7 uses for candle stubs

What do you do with those little nubbins of wax that are too short to burn, but just large enough to make you feel guilty for tossing them? More>>

Working moms spend more time parenting than dads

Although today's fathers pitch in with routine child care more than dads did a few decades ago, a new study finds that mothers are still doing more. Even when both parents work outside the home. More>>

Teens who are night owls may struggle in school

Teens who stay up late are more likely to have lower grades and more emotional problems, a new study suggests. More>>

Best road trips, coast to coast

Pack up and take your pick of these primo family-friendly routes.

Smarten up your dumb house with Z-Wave Automation

If you're even moderately interested in DIY home automation, you've likely run across the name "Z-Wave" at some point.

10 uses for milk cartons

You absolutely can recycle them, but did you know that there are also tons of other things you can do with them? More>>

Is a gas fireplace for you?

The crackle of flames in a fireplace is especially appealing this time of year. It conjures up images of lounging on comfortable furniture, drinking hot chocolate, and snuggling. More>>

55 percent of boomers worry about parents' driving, only 23 percent are talking about it

As baby boomers reach retirement age, many are faced with a difficult conundrum: balancing the challenges of their own golden years with the demands of elderly family members. More>>

8 unexpected uses for mustard

Mustard. This small, humble seed is used in cuisines the world over, from the sharp spicy mustard served with dim sum to the rich, seedy variety applied to sandwiches.

Eco-friendly mold removal tips

Few things are quite as unpleasant as uncovering a patch of mold.

Too much texting may leave college kids sleepy

College students in search of a good night's sleep may want to put some distance between their pillow and their cell phone, new research suggests. More>>

Fall home makeover tips

Check out these predictions on the hottest house accessories for the season.


Family-friendly historical trips

Looking to plan a family vacation that is both entertaining and educational? Go historical.

Irregular bedtimes lead to behavior problems in kids

A regular bedtime might guarantee more than a good night's sleep for both kids and their parents -- it turns out that a regular bedtime can make for a better-behaved child, new research suggests. More>>

Surviving a power outage with kids

Tech-loving kids can make a blackout feel like an eternity -- if you don’t have a plan in place. Turn this surprise into a period of family bonding and fun with the following ideas.

7 ways you haven't hurricane-proofed your home yet

Do these seven things now to protect your home and family.


When old wiring is dangerous, not quaint

Buying, and living in, an older home can be totally charming. But along with the quaint comes the antiquated. More>>

BeLuvv Guardian is a LoJack-like system for tracking small kids

The Guardian is a small, tracking device to be worn by a child as a bracelet or necklace. When combined with a mobile application, the radio chip communicates with the parent's mobile device and can send an alert when the child has traveled too far away.

How to raise cultured kids

Do you long for your child to choose the symphony over SpongeBob and couscous over mac ’n’ cheese? Raising a cultured kid can be easier than you think.

Straight talk on meat and dairy in the compost

There are a lot of questions surrounding compost, what you can put in it, and what you shouldn't toss in the compost bin. More>>

Halloween decoration ideas for the office

If you find yourself spending more time at your desk than on your couch, there's no reason you can't celebrate the Halloween season in your office, and use these fun and festive décor ideas to liven up your work space. More>>

Whooping cough outbreaks tied to parents shunning vaccines

New research confirms what experts have suspected: The decision not to vaccinate children for nonmedical reasons can have far-reaching effects, including raising the risk of infections for other children and their families. More>>

The smart mom's kitchen

Cooking at home is more cost-effective than ordering in, better for your family’s health, and if you do it right, quicker, too. Check out this list of items you should always have in stock for delicious, kid-friendly 30-minute meals.

Your guide to green lawn care

A lawn doesn't have to be an ecological disaster area with these tips. More>>

Using color to set the mood in your home

The use of color in a room can change it dramatically.

Make a small room seem bigger

Here are a few tricks that can make a small room seem more spacious More>>

5 digital ways to stay close to grandparents

These days, extended families are more likely to be spread out. The good news is, today's grandparents are more tech-savvy than they were even five years ago.

14 great uses for salt

You might think of it primarily as that thing on the dinner table you use to add some flavor to your food, but the uses of salt extend far beyond that. More>>

The biggest car seat mistakes parents make

With the kids back at school and parents' schedules more hectic, mid-September is a good time for a reminder of proper car-seat safety. Sept. 15 to Sept. 21 is also Child Passenger Safety Week. More>>

Commercial baby foods fall short for nutrition

Commercial baby foods don't meet infants' dietary needs when they are weaning, according to a new study. More>>

Bedbugs' genes may protect them from insecticides

Bedbugs -- tiny, flat parasites that hide where people sleep -- are notoriously tough to kill, but scientists say they think they've uncovered new clues about why these bloodsuckers are so hardy. More>>

Is social media making your kids less smart?

Will the amount of time your child spends tweeting and sharing online affect their grades?

7 laundry time savers

A national survey revealed that laundry ranks among our top three least favorite chores.

Screaming, cursing at your misbehaving teen may backfire

Parents who discipline their teenagers with a hostile brew of screaming, cursing and name-calling may ultimately be doing far more harm than good, a new study reveals. More>>

How to throw the perfect Labor Day party

It's time to crack open the cooler, break open the BBQ grill, and jump into the pool - summer's goodbye bash is on your doorstep. More>>

Make more money at your next garage sale

How do you bring in the buyers -- and get the most money for your attic treasures? More>>

A new twist on the Labor Day barbecue

Think Labor Day weekend is just another excuse for a barbecue?  Try celebrating the last days of summer in an all new way. More>>

15 fantastic ways to repurpose your shoe boxes

We all have them and we all hold onto them for whatever reason. We know they have to be good for something! More>>

3 ways to relive your favorite summer memories

A new school year may be fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end just yet.

10 mind-blowing baths

A hot bath can be just the thing, right? Most of us have to settle for pretty basic models if we even have room for a bathtub at all, but we're allowed to dare to dream. More>>

4 best train trips in America

When you think about it, a family vacation by train is a no-brainer. The price is right, the scenery terrific, and everyone’s in a good mood.


The "starter home" just got a lot bigger

According to the US Census Bureau, the average size of a home in the United States has grown by 50% in the last 40 years, even as households are actually 15% smaller. More>>

6 ways to repurpose a retired PC

You’ve unboxed your new computer and are a ready to enjoy the faster processor, better display, and shiny new keys – but what do you do with your old computer? Here are six uses for your old computer.

More news about bee deaths, and it's not good

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has been a looming issue in the news for years as bees die off in growing numbers for reasons that aren't always apparent.

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